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Live Streaming

A project about community and art interaction.

I began live streaming art lectures and events in 2015. Initially the goals were technical and the content about reaching a broader audience, but these goals have evolved into a way of facilitating interaction within the art world. These are a compilation of some of the live stream events that have been approved for release by the lecturer/performer. Please enjoy and respect that these videos are not for sale/profit and are not intended to be downloaded, shared, or reproduced.

Streaming art lectures is an on-going project Tony Wise has developed in his studies exploring the artistic concepts of curatorial practice and the perspectives of artists’ relationship to their art world as they are constantly cycling through different locations and environments.

February 2, 2018

A BLNKA X CASP Exhibition on the Art of Fabrics

Live Streaming: Projects

February 16, 2016

Live Stream of Terry Allen and Lloyd Maines from the Texas Tech University campus - Enhanced Audio

(We apologize for the slight audio glitch, it get's better throughout the video)

Terry Allen and Lloyd Maines, artists from west Texas, having a conversation with the audience about art, music and their creative processes.  This event was held on the Texas Tech University campus and live streamed to a global audience.  The audience was invited to join the event and interact via the livefeed, promoting art and exploring new forms of communication using innovative and improved technology.  

In the spring of 2015, regional artists Wade Bowen, Butch Hancock, Terri Hendrix and Lloyd Maines paired up with Texas Tech University to launch the first of what would become an annual event series called “Lubbock Lights: Celebrating the Musical Heritage of the South Plains.” The event features discussions and performances by local and regional musical artists and gives attendees an inside look at the creative processes and inspirations that go into each artist’s work.

The second annual Lubbock Lights will honor Lubbock native Terry Allen and his critically acclaimed record “Lubbock (on everything)” with a retrospective performance and discussion. 

Considered a classic by Talking Heads’ David Byrne, Allen’s album has been called “a masterpiece” that is “essential listening” by Stewart Mason of Allmusic as well as given a five-star rating and listed as one of the essential albums of the 1970s by Rolling Stone, who also numbered it among the top 100 albums of all time. 

The event was hosted by the Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library at TTU and was coordinated by Andy Wilkinson and Rick Dingus.  The moderator is Bristen Phillips. 

Live Streaming: Collections
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